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WHOOT so, the person typing is Vicky, im the Guitarist. Our band also consists of Abi [bassist], Sarah [Lead Singer] and Chloe [drummer]. We're all 13 ^^ and still go to school. Now, a little about ourselves.
Vicky- I love Animé/Manga and ahve an obsession with cheese. I am the kind of person you would be gagging to know so add me as a frined on myspace [www.myspace.com/vickynessxd]
Abi- i like little funny faces and squeaky voices. im also obsessed with anime/manga.. me and vicky draw it plsss. and like vicky rofl plx yu all just wanna get to know me and fk me over the internet KTHXXX. [www.myspace.com/abihoe]
Chloe-HELLOOOOO EARTHLINGSSSS. I am crazy. Grr, i love cheese. And Abi, Vicky and Sarah lol ^^ ADD MEEE [www.myspace.com/com]